Back in 2014, Tyshawn Colquitt represented the U.S. in a televised European vocal showdown called New Wave that was watched by more than 1 million viewers.
On The Voice Season 15, he just might find himself performing in front of an even larger TV audience.

Tyshawn is one of the contestants rumored to have earned a spot on the show.

The Voice returns to NBC on Monday, Sept. 24. Here’s more about Tyshawn.

* He’s based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and identifies himself as a singer, actor, model, writer, producer, engineer and vocal coach on Twitter.

* Tyshawn won competitions at the Apollo in New York on six occasions, according to his Instagram account.

* He’s 21, but calls himself an “old soul” with an appreciation of the classics and says he’s comfortable singing everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Ne-Yo.

* Tyshawn recently posted an old photo of himself in the recording studio on Instagram, writing “10 years ago music was my primary goal, and today it’s still my main focus!!!”

* He won at the Apollo for the first time at age 13, singing Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You.”

* He attended and graduated from the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati where he won the Corbett Mayerson Award for artistic integrity and excellence.

* At age 17 Tyshawn became involved in a nonprofit program called “S.T.A.R.S.” — Striving To Achieve Real Success — which teaches life skills and artistic development.

* Tyshawn is now the director of artist development for S.T.A.R.S. and teaches artist development and voice.

* During his career, he’s been the opening act for Yolanda Adams, Midnight Star, Fred Hammonds and Bishop Bobby Hilton.

* He’s also been working in the studio with funk legend Bootsy Collins.

Here’s are TyShawn’s social media links:
Twitter: @TyshawnColquitt

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