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Tyshawn is a 22 year- old singer, songwriter, actor and performer from Cincinnati Ohio. He has performed all over the world and won numerous awards for his vocal prowess. He has uncanny control of voice and his range is phenomenal.

He is an extremely versatile singer and has experienced singing all genres of music including Pop, Jazz, R&B, Hip –Hop, EDM, Gospel and Dance.

Tyshawn attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts where he won the Corbett Mayerson Award and received a full Presidential Scholarship to the Berklee College of Music.

He represented the USA in the Finals of the “New Wave”: International Competition to find the Best New Pop Star in both Moscow Russia and Europe appearing in front of 200

Million viewers.

Tyshawn is currently appearing on “The VOICE” Season 15 – 2018

Tyshawn was a winner at the Apollo 6 times. He won at the tender age of 13 and again was 3 time winner in 2016.

He is currently in the studios working on an album with the “Legendary” Bootsy Collins, recording his own solo project and serving as a Director of Artist Development for our S.T.A.R.S. program.

Tyshawn joined S.T.A.R.S. in 2012.


Sydney Arterbridge is 18 years old singer / songwriter with an incredible voice that has a 5 octave range. She hails from Columbus Ohio where she graduated from the Ft. Hayes Art and Academic High School.

She comes by her talent naturally as it runs in the family. Her mother is a singer and entrepreneur while her father is Damon Arterbridge the lead vocalist in one of the top Reggae Bands in the USA called “The Flex Crew”. According to Sydney’s mother she was born singing. Sydney has had several leading roles in musicals and stage performances  has also won many awards.

She has toured and been a featured vocalist with her father’s band since a very young age. She was part of a band called “Co-X-ist” from 2011 – 2012 when she opted for a solo career. In 2014 she achieved one of her dreams which was to appear on American


She will be attending the Berklee College of Music in the Fall of 2017.

Sydney joined S.T.A.R.S. in 2011


The Melisizwe Brothers are Zachary, Seth, and Marc James.

They are an extremely talented group of singers, songwriters, and musicians.

Zachary (9) is the lead singer and plays 9 instruments including violin. He is also an incredible writer. Seth (10) plays the keyboards and several other instruments. He sings and he raps also. Marc (13) is the eldest he plays “guitars” bass, and is a classically trained vocalist.

The Melisizwe brothers are young but experienced. They are one of the hardest working young bands around. They believe that success in life is strongly tied to a daily routine and they practice daily approximately 3 hours per day. They believe that if someone spends an extra hour each day on any particular talent, that that person will become great at what they are working on within 4 to 5 years.

They listen to motivational tapes as a family, exercise as a family and play as a family.

They were relatively unknown in early 2016 but, through hard work, dedication, and creating music videos of cover songs several times a week, they built up their following to eventually having one of their videos seen more than 16 million times. This led them to being contacted by numerous television shows one of them was the Ellen DeGeneres Show. They opted to appear on Ellen as she wanted to be the first to present the group to the world. Here is their appearance

The Melisizwe Brothers joined S.T.A.R.S. in 2016


Three of the five original members of the musical collective Fatty Koo Gabrielle, Ron Riley and Kiana Allison (aka) “Vallure” met in our S.T.A.R.S. program in 2003. The “CAPACITY” Program contacted our S.T.A.R.S. program and asked did we have some talent to submit to the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus that was coming to Cincinnati. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a mobile recording studio that tours around the USA giving young people an opportunity to record on state of the art equipment. Ron Riley, Gabrielle, Vallure and Latasha Captain were selected to represent S.T.A.R.S. and the Capacity program.

The four recorded a demo that came to the attention of DAS Management. With the Fugees and the Black Eyed Peas as former clients, DAS Management was perfectly suited to develop the collective's blend of hip-hop, R&B, pop, and dance. Soon, Sony Music and BET were involved. Sony signed the collective, and BET worked a deal where their climb to stardom would be documented and developed into a television show. Over several months and auditions the group opted on 2 other individuals Marya and Eddie B. and Latasha became a writer for the group.The public got to see the five settle on the name Fatty Koo when BET's Blowin' Up: Fatty Koo premiered in April of 2005. A month later they got to see new member Josh added to the band and the group's debut album come together. The album, House of Fatty Koo, was released in June of 2005 as its lead single, "Bounce," was being featured during ABC's coverage of the NBA playoffs.

Fatty Koo performing “Chills”


Aundrey “King Drey: Beard aka “The Studio God” started creating music in his bedroom at the tender age of 11. He became a member of the S.T.A.R.S. program when he was 14 years of age and from that day forth he was the first one to arrive at the studios and one of the last to leave.

His love of making music, music production, songwriting and rap has led him to become one of Americas brightest young producers and business men.

He too attended the Ft. Hayes Art and Academic High School where he was trained and became a certified audio engineer. He built a studio in his mother’s basement and created his very own production company called “HitMakers Blvd” After graduating from school he traveled to Atlanta to pursue a recording contract with an Alternative Rock Group but, the deal fell through and he decided to return to Columbus.

Upon returning to Columbus he found that life continued to be a struggle but “King Drey” is not one to let life keep him down. He has opened his very own studios again named “HitMakers Blvd”, and it has become one of the hottest spots in the Midwest. Artists come from all over to record at his studios and have songs produced by “King Drey”.

In November 2016 King Drey along with DJ Giovanny released a collaboration called “ Project X” which features the single “Right Now” which is being played on several radio stations. The song is released on Itunes, Spotify, Google music, and other streaming platforms. Project X is available on “Livemixtapes.com.

King Dre became a part of the S.T.A.R.S. program in 2004.

The Melisizwe Brothers joined S.T.A.R.S. in 2016

Tryzdin Grubbs

Tryzdin Grubbs is an American singer / songwriter. He born in 2004 in Columbus (Ohio, USA). Tryzdin is one of a rare breed of young, talented professional artists. He takes his craft very seriously. While most teens are hanging out with their cell phones he is in his studios recording original music

In 2016, a YouTube video of him performing "Hello" by Adele caused a sensation. It has been seen, all media combined, more than 300 million times, winning him glamorous press articles in the media (Foxnews, Daily Mirror, Huffington Post, RFM, etc.) and invitations on national television channels, including NBC 4 and Fox News, for which he performed live on the "Fox and Friends News" show at prime time.

In 2017, Tryzdin was spotted on Youtube by Cedric Aegerter (a.k.a Marc Darcange), of the band Saint Mars, from Bristol (UK). The band, featuring prestigious musicians such as the guitarist of the legendary Trip-Hop collective Massive Attack (Angelo Bruschini), released a first EP in early 2017, to great critical acclaim, some even claiming it was the « most promising alternative rock band to come out of the U.K. for some time ».

The first single and video of the band featuring Tryzdin, “Somewhere Sombebody”, was realeased in April 2018. It was received in the press with rave reviews (https://www.saintmars.net/press) and already gained more than 100’000 views on Youtube.

« Since we were writing our first concept album about bullying » Cedric says, « I felt the need to find a young singer who could give credibility to the album. That young singer was supposed to play the boy bullied by his classmates. The problem is that I couldn’t find anybody I lived and I got pretty despaired. So...one day I started to search on Youtube. And the first one I found was a 11-year old boy with a weird name, Tryzdin, singing « Hello » and “The One and Only” by Adele....and something happened; I don’t know exactly what, but Tryzdin triggered something in me and I felt that he was the only one I would ever need. »

Tryzdin and his family traveled to Switzerland in August where he filmed to music videos with the band Saint Mars.

Tryzdin became part of the STARS program in 2018 when Cedric was looking for someone in the USA to help Tryzdin with artist development. Tryzdin rapidly became a popular member of STARS as well as an audience favorite performing Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” during our STARS Motown Tribute.


222 N. 21st  Street   Columbus Ohio 43203